How to choose a SEO-friendly domain name

Choosing a good domain name is one thing, choosing a SEO-friendly domain name is another. Choosing a SE0-friendly domain name would make you rank higher in search engines like Google or Bing. But you should know that choosing a SEO-friendly domain name is just a part of the SEO equation. It is said that there is over 200 ranking factor in Google’ algorithm, so a SEO-friendly domain is just one factor.

So let’s move on to how to choose a SEO-friendly domain name

  1. Use brandable domain name. You should know that a brandable domain name is also a SEO-friendly domain name. More visitors will remember your domain name, and they will revisit you. More people will trust a branded domain name than a domain name that is filled with keywords. You should also know that it is your creative and positive brand that drives more social shares, links and all those signals that make you rank higher in social engines. So instead of creating a domain name filled with keywords, create a brandable domain name.

  1. Your domain extensions. When it comes to SEO-friendly domains, domain extensions matters. The .com extension is the most popular extension. The .org and .net extension are the extensions purchases when the .com version has been taken. Then country specific extensions like .uk or .au are the ones used when you are offering products or services only in a specific country. Although the country-specific extension can improve your SEO for that particular country, it limits you from globally expanding. That is why I prefer the .com extension. Make sure you choose the .com extension if it is available.

  1. You should purchase domain extension variations. Although these domain extension variations are useless, they protect your brand from other competitors who want to try and outrank you.
  2. Avoid hyphens. You should avoid hyphens. Any domain name with a hyphen is not an SEO friendly domain name. Using hyphens in your domain name increases the chances of people making mistakes when people are linking to your site or sharing your site on social media. Not only that, you should avoid hyphens because they are associated with spammy websites.

  1. Avoid trademarked domains. Before you choose any domain, you should make sure that you do your research well to see if they are not trademarked. Using a trademarked domain can lead you to trouble.

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